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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very good

Great fun and really enjoyable. Fantastic level editor: it's intuitive and easy to use, and I'm a sucker for level editors on any kind of game.

The CC is a lie? Maybe I need to stop editing levels and play the rest of the game...

Also, if you're making a new one, might I suggest a "kill button", 'cause if you get stuck it can be very frustrating having to start the game again, rather than restarting the level.

Try this out - it's a bit weird and it's only possible because of the character's ability to move in the air. There's very little shifting to use on this level... O_0

80511515Z25Z25Z25Z25Z25Z25Z25Z25Z25Z1 5Z25115251150511515115151151511505115 0511535115351152511515Z25115251150511 50511515115051153511535Z1511515115051 1505Z25115351153511525115351150511525 1152511505115351150511535Z25115251153 511525Z151152511535115251152511515115 1511525Z25115051150511505115351153511 5051151511515Z151151511515Z2511515115 3511505115051153511535115351151511535 1150511505Z25115051153511515115151151 5115251152511515115251150511535Z25115 15Z1511505115051152511515115351151511 505Z1511525Z2511535115151151511535115 25Z151150511505115251153511515Z251152 511505115051151511525Z151150511505115 3511905Z15Z25Z25Z25Z25Z25Z25Z25Z25Z25 Z25115351150511

NO! NOT THE FLASH PORTAL 2 BUTTON!!!!!! :-( *cries*

the Kill Kar the Kill Kar

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


That was frustrating. what anoyed me the most was that the bombs actually explodes if a spark from one of them hits you!!! They always jumped just a bit further than I thought...
Otherwise, it was a fun game especially on the one level where there were just loads of ppl, and no traps. The 14th level was fiddly, but the 15TH!! That ook fiddly to another level...

The Marble Game 2 The Marble Game 2

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It goes...

I think its pretty good, but for me I started to get bored at around lvl 19. I played on to lvl 20, but I had to stop. Anyway, I was wondering how you can measure the difficulty, because I found that the lvl difficulty didn't really get much harder, or it got very slowly harder. It should maybe have gotten harder quicker, because after lvl 20 when you are having to press 5000K 5 times it gets a bit tedious. Otherwise, good work.

Aprime responds:


thanks for the review and not complaining about the music


Gravity Pinball 2 Gravity Pinball 2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I like it lots

Very good, very frustrating game. I'm sure if anybody else has had the problem, but when I create a level and then press back, the right half of the level stays there, including when you start playing the game. I so happened to make a very difficult level, pressed back and couldn't complete lvl2 because of it. Then when you refresh you find that the blocks you have unlocked have been locked again. Frustrating indeed! If you dont want to save the data on someone's computer at least give passwords so that if they play the game again they dont have to complete it again to make a good level...
But enough being irritated, that's the only problems. Otherwise it's fun, and the controls ARE NOT CRAPPY!!! That's how forces work. I wont quote the laws of physics but this game has them pretty damn accurate so TS to anyone who thinks it doesn't work. xD
Good game, overall. Good game.